Ted Cruz and I Have One Minor Disagreement

That disagreement is on his tax plan. A 10% across the board flat tax for individuals, and a 16% flat tax on corporations sounds good, especially compared to what we have had to endure since the passage of the 16th amendment in 1913, but it still falls short in my opinion. Although I will stipulate right now that it is a very large step in the right direction.

What are these numbers based on? Why 10% and 16%? I suspect these numbers were plugged into a formula and were arrived at by tweaking them until everything ads up to a reasonable sum. I get that, and that is the way things have worked for decades. The problem is we need change that is more basic than that. Everything about the way the federal government taxes, spends and borrows has to change.

In fact, taxing spending and borrowing must be inexorably tied together so none of them over load the others. In the coming days I hope to be able to publish my plan right here on my blog. My plan involves a fundamental change in the way the federal government operates on every level. Any plan that is going to work long term has to address not only the taxing side of the equation, but the spending and borrowing as well. In order to do that fundamental change has to happen at every level of the federal government.

I know we have heard that before, and the fundamental change that has taken place in the current administration should probably result in significant indictments of many administration officials past and present, including the President himself. My idea of fundamental change is not like that. In order to understand where I am going with this all you have to do is read the United States Constitution. It is all in there, and I look forward to spelling out just how it applies to the federal government in the near future.

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