The Star

What is this? This deep star centering itself in my universe? A new center. A new heart suddenly burning true where once only a dull glow could be perceived. Its exquisite light revealing my path as I struggle forward to what was once uncertain. The crucible is hard. It tests and tasks every part of me. Never before have I met with such obstacles, yet never before was I more certain of victory. It is the star. It gives me strength and purpose. In a single moment it gave me the seeds of clarity and a knowledge of myself I have never known before. Its light so bright it shines through and past me to illuminate the past in a way that changes my perception of it. This clarity is daunting yet necessary. It gives me knowledge that produces great power. This power thrusts me forward through the trials of the crucible to what I now understand is the true purpose of my life. This perfect star has made all of this possible, and I know that without it I will achieve nothing, yet together, we will change the world. Still, with all that is made possible by the perfect beauty so brilliantly illuminating my once dreary universe, I know the true primary goal of all this is very simple, yet a more beautiful possibility than anything else could remotely match. To simply, finally, stand in its presence and pour my over flowing heart upon it forever.

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