Yeah, Life is Hard Sometimes

Been a hard several weeks since I redid the blog. Work out here in the oil fields is off a bit, and there was a timing issue with the new apartment because of it. Still, all things considered, everything is going well. True, it would be going better if I did not have to wait yet another week for my furniture to show up, but it seems like that is just par for the course around here.

The girls got here two weeks ago and have already found work. Texas is definitely not California! They could not find anything around there. We are moving forward a little more slowly than initially anticipated, but we are getting there. I believe I should be able to start working on my next major project in earnest here as soon as we get over this hump in a couple weeks or so.

Yeah, life is hard sometimes, and then it is not. All we can do is soldier on. We will get there just as soon as we get there, and not one minute later.