Filthy Capitalist Pigs

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions from members of the Occupy movement, media, and other progressives asking “how do we deal with these greedy rich people and evil corporations?” After giving it some thought I came up with some ideas I think will be helpful. Just a few tried and true methodologies that can help most anyone deal effectively with these greedy rich people and evil corporations.

One must remember that while effective, these methods usually take time to bare fruit. In fact, it is likely to take at least a year or more of hard word before you start seeing any gains. Still, once you start making real headway, you’ll notice you’ll be able to expand your operations into other areas.

  1. Talk to those rich people and corporations to find out what kinds of products and/or services they are in need of.
  2. Identify which of those products or services you feel comfortable working with.
  3. Provide those products or services to those rich people and corporations at a competitive price.

These are some very general guidelines. You’ll have to refer to your own experience and expertise to decide what is best for you, but if you apply this simple steps, you can deal effectively with those nasty rich people and corporations.

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