Marco Rubio Has No Path to the Nomination

I’m afraid the writing is on the wall for Florida Senator Marco Rubio in this Presidential contest. He still has not won a single state, and it does not look like he is going to any time soon. He is well behind Donald Trump even in his home state of Florida. Given that, even Ohio Governor John Kasich has a better chance going forward than Senator Rubio.

On the other hand, Texas Senator Ted Cruz will win his home state on March 1, and will likely win Arkansas as well. Beyond that, he will also do well in most of the other states with primaries that day. Senator Cruz will come out of “Super Tuesday” with still more wins under his belt, and a fair amount of delegates to go along with them. At this point Rubio will begin to decline even more. The other primaries between the 1st and 15th should see Ted Cruz overtaking Rubio in most all of those states, and he will likely win one or two of them.

On the 15th, unless Rubio can somehow pull off a miracle, he will not win in Florida. At that point he is finished. There is no way forward for him from there. If, at the same time, Kasich is able to win in Ohio, which is still a possibility, he has a path, though not much of one. The key result would be that Trump does not get those delegates. At this point the race is down to Trump vs Cruz with a long way left to go. This is, I believe, the likely scenario.

Even if Kasich does not win Ohio, while it helps Trump, it still does not put him in the driver’s seat. A one on one Trump vs Cruz contest was always the best case scenario for defeating Donald Trump in the primary, and Hillary Clinton in the general. If Trump wins the nomination, Clinton likely wins the general. At that point, our constitutional republic is over.

Still Lying, Still Liars

Today is an auspicious day in the presidential campaign of 2016. In order to solve a communications problem in his presidential campaign, Senator Ted Cruz was forced to fire his communications director, Rick Tyler. Unfortunately, Mr. Tyler had, on more than one occasion, made statements and took actions that were questionable. I had questioned this starting several weeks ago.

The final straw was the tweet and video posted yesterday about what was presented as an unfortunate meeting between Senator Rubio and a Cruz campaign staffer. I will not go into details, you can see it at The Right Scoop, then check out this. The information put out by Mr. Tyler is false. This was the last straw for me, and I posted on Facebook that while I would still vote for Ted Cruz, I would not make any more posts on Facebook, twitter, this blog or anywhere else supporting his campaign, and I would not donate one single penny to the campaign as long as Rick Tyler is still part of the organization. Apparently, Ted Cruz felt the same way, because he fired Mr. Tyler shortly thereafter.

No, I am under no illusion that my post prompted anyone to do anything. It is doubtful that anyone in the campaign has ever heard of me, let alone read my post. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows what my position is on this. Now, at this point you would think the problem was over, but no. Senator Marco Rubio decided to try to make political hay out of it, and in doing so has exposed himself as a dishonest coward. Anyone who knows anything about Ted Cruz knows he is as honest as they come. That is the main reason the establishment types do not like him. Marco Rubio knows Ted Cruz, and knows what kind of man he his. Which is why what he said in response to the firing of Rick Tyler exposes his cowardly dishonesty. What did he say? He said this: (H/T @PatrickSvitek)

Cb2V-wxVAAANKuoThis statement is demonstrably false. In simple language, it is a bold faced lie. I believe this is it for Marco Rubio. He appears to be having trouble raising money. Without all of the lies from him, and Donald Trump, I believe the SC primary results would be different. I believe Ted Cruz could have won that, or at least come in a very close second, instead of a very close third behind Marco Rubio. I do not believe this trend will continue. Marco Rubio’s cowardly dishonesty is catching up to him. It could not happen to a more deserving individual.

In addition to all of this, Donald Trump has spent the day in full on tantrum mode on twitter. He is even still whining about Iowa:

In addition to that, and as if it were not bad enough, he is now threatening people right out in the open on twitter:

This despicable and childish behavior is, like that of Marco Rubio, cowardly and dishonest. This kind of behavior puts Donald Trump in the same category as Barack Obama: A lying rat bastard. Donald Trump, go back to your business, your skill set does not lend itself to the leadership of a free nation. You are unqualified to be President of the United States. If that is not plain enough for you, try this: Take your dishonest and cowardly B.S. and shove it.

Loosing the Republic WilliamsThis is the most consequential election perhaps in the history of the nation. Yet, people are using it as a means to vent their anger and frustration at the way government is handling our affairs. Anger is the correct response to this, but it is not the correct method of selecting a President. Yesterday in South Carolina, Donald Trump won a decisive victory. Congratulations to him and his campaign. I guess it is now a winning strategy to call your opponent a “nasty liar,” even if you are lying when you do it. Just take a look at this from The Daily Wire, and my previous article, Lying Liars and Their Lying Lies. I fear at some point in the not too distant future we will be lamenting that Trump lied, Freedom died.

In addition, as his supporters gloat on social media and cable news programs, they do so in the same vile and despicable manner that Obama’s supporters did when he won the Presidency. They think everything is going to be sunshine and rainbows. Meanwhile, the Democrats are laughing their collective asses off.

Bernie Sanders, though he did not win the Nevada caucus, did talk about his “revolution” starting in Nevada. I think he is wrong. I think the Bernie Sanders Political Revolution may very well have started in South Carolina. Donald Trump can not beat Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in the general election. That is not ever going to happen. If he is our nominee, our constitutional republic is over.

There are three candidates who polls have shown can consistently beat the Democrats in the general: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. You will notice that Donald Trump is not listed here. Of those three, Kasich is not going to win the nomination, he has no chance. Rubio could win it, but his record is questionable on too many vital issues. Only Ted Cruz has consistently, throughout his life and career, supported and fought for the very thing this election is all about: Freedom.

Ted Cruz’s positions and proposals are rock solid, that is probably why Trump has copied so many of them. He has a very long history, going all the way back to high school, of protecting and defending the constitution. That is the target, it is the only real issue that matters right now. If we do not elect a constitutionalist to the Presidency our republic is finished.

The Democrats will consolidate the gains they have already made against freedom of speech with their political correctness. They will finish what they have started, also using political correctness, to destroy what is left of our religious liberties, (unless you are Muslim). They will finally be able to kill the second amendment, and in doing so, forever relegate our children and grandchildren to lives of meaningless servitude.

The plans the Democrats have for our society are, at best, to make us just another plodding nation of sheep wallowing in a morass of government sponsored mediocrity, and at worst, a people subjugated by an oppressive and immoral ruling class bent on amassing as much power as possible to themselves, while keeping everyone else under absolute control.

This will be the legacy of a Donald Trump nomination. In truth, I have great respect for Trump. He has achieved the pinnacle of his profession, and that is most admirable and praiseworthy in my estimation. Unfortunately, he does not possess the proper skill set, temperament, experience or outlook needed at this time in history to save our republic.

If we want to save this constitutional republic, if we want to “Make America Great Again,” we have to go with what made America great in the first place: The constitution. We need a President who not only knows the constitution backward and forward, but believes in it, has a proven record of fighting for it, and the will and determination to apply it, as President, to the federal government the way it should be applied.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for the death of our constitutional republic. Those responsible will never be forgotten nor forgiven. It is not too late. Allowing our anger, even though it is justified, to choose our nominee will be a great mistake. If we lead with our emotions we are no better than the Democrats, and we relegate our future generations to mediocrity and servitude or worse.